Current Specials at Desantis Meat Market & Deli

Rock salt: Runs 12/14/18 - 4/15/19
We have full pallets of rocksalt $299. 50/40 pound bags 2450 pounds or we sell single bags call us today 315-896-5085
Hardwood pellets: Runs 12/8/18 - 7/9/19
We sell tons of hardwood pellets $259 we will deliver 1 to 5 ton at one time $50 we also sell single bags of hardwood pellets at our grocery store and beverage store
whole piece specials: Runs 12/8/18 - 8/9/19
We carry all pieces of every type of beef ribeye‘s New York strip loins top sirloin‘s short loins for porterhouse and T-bone‘s Eye rounds bottom round top rounds whole Pc Chuck for chuck roast chuck steaks stew beef ground beef we cut everything for free call us today 315-896-4300